I hate my life, some strategies to fight against it together!

How to counter the statement “I hate my life”?

In our everyday life, we hear a lot of people saying, “I hate my life so much.” Have you ever thought about how a person can hate his own life? How is that possible that one’s own life becomes hateful for him? It is all because of depression and anxiety that a lot of people have to suffer in their lives. We come across different people in life who are going through the harsh periods of their lives. When the difficulty of that strict time becomes unbearable for them, they begin to hate their lives. And this hate leads to suicide attempts in many cases. The people with severe anxiety and depressions cut them off from society and prefer to live alone. I can bet here, and this is the most terrible situation in their lives when they have to say, “I hate my job and my life!”

Why do I hate my life?

The people who say that they hate their life should question themselves “why do I hate my life?” every person should answer this question to get out of this troublesome situation of depression where they have to die every single day! People with severe depression have to face dismay. This depression period is the hardest period of their life. They even don’t know how to get out of this situation, so they continue to hate themselves for long times and end up attempting suicides. When you ask then that why do they hate their lives, they have no answer to this question, but still, they manage to say, “I hate my life so much. I hate my job and my life”. It is the most painful moment in anybody’s life that he/she begins to hate life with no logical reason.

When do you feel like giving up?

When a person says,” I hate my life,” he is standing at the edge of life and death. He feels a new pain every day. He has to fight a new battle within himself, and all of us should know it. We see such a depressed person crying for no reason. But have you ever thought what this crying for no reason feels like? Have you ever think what a painful experience hating life is and saying, “I hate my life.”

I hate my life so much

When a person reaches this kind of a pain in life where he has to face disappointment at every step he takes, he begins to feel like “nobody loves me,” and trust me; this is the worst feeling ever, when you think that there is nobody to love you. A person facing such a tragic situation says to him, “I don’t want to be alive.” And that is the moment when he begins to find an escape from life. He tries different ways to get rid of his life. Sometimes he uses drugs; sometimes, he finds some other ways to embrace death. He sees no reason to live, and then he strives for a tragic ending of his life.

When a person feels all such things, he begins to hate his life. At this moment feels like giving up on everything around him. He limits him from social interaction when he feels like nobody loves him.

Feelings of a depressed person

Usually, a person suffering from depression thinks that nobody cares for what he’s feeling. They think we don’t know what they feel. But that’s not true; we all know how do you think?  We know that it is not easy to fight depression alone, but you should realize that no one can resist your battle but you. You have to defeat all of your fears, and you need to be a warrior. You have to overcome every thought of you that bothers you the most. If you decide to defeat depression once, trust me, you can do it without any helping hand!

What to do when you hate your life?

As we all know that depression is a slow killer. When a person falls prey to it, it may take all the breaths out of that person leaving him with nothing. Depression is a ditch when a person falls into it; it becomes a challenging task to drag his life out of the statement, “I hate my life.” But of course, it is not impossible to pull him out of the thought, “I hate my life so much.”

What to do when you hate your life

If you or anyone around you is suffering from the same situation in which the thought of being the useless person comes out in the form of “I hate my life,” must follow the following instructions to get rid of that dismaying situation.

Is depression hereditary?

We know that many diseases are hereditary same is the case with depression but in very severe cases. Depression is a mental disorder and can be inherited in children by their parents. But it is not a very casual thing, so you need not worry. If a person says, “I hate my life,” it doesn’t mean that it is hereditary, but some personal problems may be a reason for that. So, you must know about the background of disease before curing it.

Suicide attempts

When a person begins to hate his life so hard, there comes a moment when he starts thinking of getting rid of life by attempting suicides. He begins to question himself, “How do I kill myself?” Death is a narrow escape from all the anxiety and depression. The people find it the easiest way to get peace. In all the dismay and disappointments, death feels like a relief for them, and they get attracted towards it and kill them. You can never even imagine how hard it is to embrace death! But they do. Yes, they do it, and they have to. Because they think that they are left with no other choice so they should kill themselves.

how do I kill myself when you hate your life

Death is not a piece of cake!

All the men and women who are reading this article! It is crucial to mention here that death is not a piece of cake. Dying is not easy to embrace even if you say, “I hate my job and my life.” Many people think that death is the best escape from life, but that’s not true! You cannot think of the pain that you have to face and bear when you die. Dying seems easy, but you can never imagine how does it feel about dying? If you get to know that how does it think about dying, you will cancel your plan of dying a reckless death. All of you who are battling from depression and anxiety must know that death is not the only remedy for getting peace. There are a lot of other ways that we can walk on to find the castle of order.

Rehab of depressed people

The people who are battling with anxiety and depression should know that they are the best rehab of them. Your inner potential can defeat your depression. Nobody else will do it for you. So, you have to do it! Instead of saying, “I hate my job and my life.” You need to understand that your will power can tame every single thing that is bothering you in your life. You have to find the answer to the question “how to feel better?”

how to feel better

 You have to fight your own battle. So, why to call anybody else for help? Just get up and be a warrior for yourself! For nobody else is better for the job but you. You need to know that you can beat this depression alone if you want to. And so, you sum up your courage, battle your depression to the end and get ahead of the game.

Get a happier life back

how do you feel

When we ask a person with depression that they should live a happy life, a question pops up in their mind “how to be happy again?” This question is not irrational at all. It is challenging to get a happier life back after struggling with anxiety and depression. So, if somebody asks you this question, console them by giving some working pieces of advice. Don’t be rude to them. Instead, you should provide them some reasons to be happy again. And trust me, doing this will not only drag them back to life, but you will also feel true happiness deep inside your heart.

Depression leads to addictions

Depression is not only an ailment, but it also leads to many addictions. When somebody gets into depression, he falls prey to drugs and watching porn. Depression also indulges a person in many other addictions. When a person feels alone and cuts off himself from others, he tries to fight his loneliness by watching porn. In other instances, people become addicted to drugs in depression or anxiety. They usually think that drugs can give them some moments of relaxation, but that’s not true. If you are suffering from depression and you are also a drug addict, then you must now that drug is nothing more than a slow death for you! If you think that watching porn and having drugs can help you, then you are wrong, and you should change your ideology about that, or else you will lose your battle against depression!

How to overcome porn addiction?

how to overcome porn addiction

If you have been suffering from addiction and become addicted to watching porn and you also want to get rid of it, here’s good news for you! We will tell you how to get rid of it. If you’re going to get rid of porn addiction, then you should find some healthy activities for you. You should go for a walk in your leisure time. You can also adopt some hobbies for you to stay away from pron.

Moreover, you can also get yourself a pet. Getting a pet will divert your attention from watching porn, and you will not get attracted to porn. In this way, you can get rid of all your porn addictions.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is another dangerous outcome of depression. Most people get addicted to drugs in the days of depression. They begin to take high drugs in excessive amounts. This situation can be fatal to them. We are here to tell you how to detox your body from drugs?

So, if you see a person in drug addiction, you should manage to help him at any cost. If you are drug addicted because of depression, you should take exercise regularly. You should go to the gym to stay away from drugs. You should stop visiting the bars so that you can avoid drugs. If you manage to indulge yourself in different healthy activities, your craving for drugs will be reduced, and then one day, you will leave drugs for the rest of your life!

Aggression and the statement “I hate my life”

Aggression is the most dangerous nightmare for people suffering from depression. They are unable to handle their mood swings and end up being rude with others. Most of the people with depression become very aggressive. They lose control over themselves many times. If you have been in this kind of terrible situation because of your depression, then you don’t have to worry anymore. We have the answer to the question “how to get out of the funk?”

how to get out of the funk when you hate your life and job

When you feel like you are going to be outraged, you should drink a glass of water immediately. It will lessen your anger. Moreover, if you feel anger, you should tell yourself that you have to control yourself. You should lay down on a bed or sit down on a chair if you are standing. You can also listen to music to make mood happy. Doing these practices will help you overcome your anger and reduce your funk.

Depression disability because of the thought “I hate my life”

Sometimes, a good-looking person may be facing disabilities because of depression. These disabilities can be in various types, for example, mood disorders, sleep disorders, appetite disturbance, less interest in activities, etc. In such severe situations, when depression becomes a disability for a person, it becomes must be eradicated from life. If you thoroughly observe the life of a depressed person, you will come to know, “how does disability pay for depression?” 

how much does disability pay for depression

Most of us take this aspect of depression for granted, and hence this terrible situation reaches its fullest and, in some cases, becomes the cause of death. So, if a person around you complains about the constant mood disorder or you find anyone having a sleep disorder, then you must not neglect it and consult a Psychiatrist immediately. If you are ignoring these symptoms, depression can be fatal for the patient.

Support of society against “I hate my life”

When a person suffers from depression, he finds a person who can sit by his side and listen to him. A depressed person doesn’t say that he wants a partner to share his problems with, but he wants. He would never tell you what he is suffering from until you ask him. So, as a society can help him in different ways. We are here to tell you how to care for a sad person?

If you see someone sad in your surroundings, go to him and listen to what he has to say. Tell him that he is not alone, and you will help him as much as you can. When a person feels alone, he always wants another person to lend him a helping hand to get out of his loneliness. Be a helping hand for such sad people around you. Reach them and make them realize that you care for them. Bring them food, gifts, and other things. These little gestures of yours can heal a hurt person. Tell them the words of strength. Show sympathy to such people. Doing this will drag the depressed people towards life, and trust me; that’s the best thing that you can do in your life!

Always keep fighting when you feel like giving up

when you feel like giving up

I know that battling depression is not an easy task, but you should keep fighting. You should not give up on you. You should not lose courage; instead, you should keep on striving for the best days to come. You must keep in mind that there is no use of saying, “I hate my life.” You should tell yourself that at least you love yourself and that is enough for you to live a happier life. So you must keep going. Don’t bother what the people say. Don’t take into account what they think about you, just keep stepping forward, and one day will come when you will enter the best phase of your life.

Movies about depression

Another way of getting out of your depression phase is to watch movies about depression. Many best people in the media industry always strive to make society a better place to live in. Such the best people also make different movies about depression and many other diseases that the nation goes through. We should appreciate all those people out there and get help from their productions to get rid of depression.

So, if you have been fighting your depression from a long-ago, then it can be the best option to defeat your depression. You can watch the movies and documentaries that are based on depression and get many ways to tame your depression down! If you want to end the depressive phase of your life and get out of depression, you must try this once in your life, and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Overcome your thoughts “I hate my life”

“I hate my life,” “I hate my life so much,” “I hate my job and my life,” “I feel like a failure,” and much moreā€¦ we have seen many people in our life uttering this kind of statement. The first thing that such people have to do is to overcome their thoughts and start a war against all the ideas that bother them. It is the first step towards the treatment of depression. And it can be done only by the person who is suffering from depression. Nobody else can do the job for you. So, you have to do it yourself. Just trust yourself and do it!

Love a depressed person

how to love someone with depression

It is a significant dilemma of our society that we feel reluctant to get in touch with a depressed person. We think that if we talk to a person having depression, we will also become sick. Most of the people also send their sad relatives to mental hospitals. It is the worst practice ever! You must know the answer to the question “how to love someone with depression?”

A person who is already facing a terrific condition and continually says, “I hate my job and my life” wants the love and affection of his relatives. And we, on the other hand, send them to mental hospitals after declaring them sick. They are not ill at all. They want your attention. Sit by their side, hold their hand, and tell them that you still love them.

Don’t push them away from you. They need your attention and affection. They want you to tell them that you are standing by their side. Tell them that you are holding their back! Your words of love will give them a reason to live, and they will try to provide themselves with another chance to live. As a society, you can do a lot for such people, and I think you must do it in the name of humanity. And if you are not doing that, then I’m not sorry to say that you do not have human qualities in you!

I hope all the people who read this, get rid of your depressed life soon. All the instructions that are mentioned above are just because to provide some aid in your battle against your depression phase. Just keep in mind that depression is not something you should surrender in front of. So, keep going and beat it at last!

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